Hawaiian Cultural Practices Institute

The Hawaiian Cultural Practices Institute has workshops, classes, and programs which
concentrate on deepening and expanding Hawaiian cultural practices

  • Nā Mea No’eau
    • A two part series of workshops to deepen and expand knowledge in Hawaiian cultural practice from masters in storytelling, chant, leimaking, kapa making, lauahala, and more.  September 2006—April 2007.  For more information and for registration for the workshops.
  • Nā Lehua Kū Makua
    • A group of Hawaiian cultural practitioners located on Maui and O‘ahu who expand their various cultural practices through study and hands-on learning.  The practices learned then become the foundation for participation in ceremonies, cultural gatherings, and protocols.
  • Kawaiola
    • A two and four year comprehensive Hawaiian cultural practices certificate that is currently being developed by Kauahea.  It is anticipated to begin in Fall 2007.  For more information contact: hokulani@kauahea.org.

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